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As a SOJO client, you will benefit from a wide range of valuable resources to grow your business, build long-term customer relationships, and maximize your recurring revenue streams.


Agent and Distributors

An Agent is a representative you hire to find suitable distributors, and help negotiate as well as concluding the final sales contract. They will charge commission at a prearranged rate for every customer they find that you end up selling your offering to. This will typically take between 5 and 20 percent of the money earned by your offering in the market.

A Distributor can help you expand your customer base by selling your products to their own customers. They will add their own margin to cover their costs but they will use their greater in-market resource – marketing, export documentation, stocking and labelling among other things – to sell your product. A distributor will usually take between 25 and 50 percent of the money made from sales of your product in the market.

In summary, working with an Agent is a decision to effectively subcontract your overseas sales function to people with the required in-market knowledge and experience, which will effectively boost sales and increase business profitability.

4 Simple steps to make your business more profitable

Authorize SOJO Canada to be your agent for finding distributors who will sell your products exclusively.

Download Authorization Form (PDF)

SOJO evaluates your business qualifications and selects products that are suitable for overseas markets.

Download Brand info and Request form (Excel)

SOJO finds oversea distributors and provide marketing strategy plan, then select a suitable distributor for your products.

Download Brand Investment Cooperation Agreement (Word)

Distributor sends auditors to validate your business before signing the final contract.